Comfort Suites, Lewisburg

The Comfort Suites is a great place to work!

The Comfort Suites Lewisburg asked some of our employees what it is like working here. Here are some of their answers!


If someone asked you what it is like to work at the Comfort Suites Lewisburg, how would you reply?


"I would have to say, if you're a good worker and willing to learn it's like playing a team sport! Fun, Fun, Fun!"

"It's not like going to work. I actually look forward to showing up and putting an 8 hour day in!"


Describe what part of your job you enjoy the most.
"I thoroughly enjoy the guests! They are my favorite part of Comfort Suites."
"I like the people around me. I love trying to find different ways to "wow" guests and fellow team mates alike!"


Describe your relationship with management.
"I believe I have a close relationship with management. They are easy to work for and get along with."
"Great management staff here."


Describe your relationship with your co-workers.
"Have great relationships with all - have a good time and get work done promptly"
"Great! I make myself accessible to them should they need help with a certain task, and they also help me out when in need."

Current Available Positions

  • Housekeeper
  • Breakfast Attendant

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